17-18 October 2019. Seizing the opportunity of the Intermediterranean Commission’s members being reunited in Palermo, the Standing Committee for the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership for Local and Regional Authorities (Comitato Permanente Partenariato Euro-Mediterraneo dei Poteri Locali e Regionali – COPPEM) expressed its will to sign the Mediterranean Cooperation Alliance and therefore added its signature as the first official supporter.

Organized in the framework of the General Assembly of the Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions, the Intermediterranean Commission’s Plenary meeting was indeed the right space for the COPPEM to come and present its motivation to support the Alliance, also in line with its mandate.

The Declaration for the Alliance “Facing together common challenges and integrating strategies for a better and sustainable future” has so far been brought forward by the Intermediterranean Commission, the Euroregion Pyrénées-Méditerranée (EPM), MedCities, Latin Arc, and the Adriatic-Ionian Euroregion since February 2019. The Alliance strongly promotes the integration of emerging sea basin, macro-regional strategies and other connected initiatives and cooperation instruments, in order to build a common, more cohesive and co-owned Mediterranean macro-region.

As for COPPEM’s main objective, it revolves around the promotion of both dialogue and cooperation for local development between towns, municipalities, Local Authorities, and Regions of the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership member countries. The organisation also supports the active role and concrete participation of the Euro-Med Partnership in achieving the objectives established by the 1995 Barcelona Declaration. These objectives clearly respond to several points listed in the Declaration, consultable here.

During the signature-dedicated session, panellists underlined the importance of linking the Alliance to the on-going strategic cooperation processes currently undergoing in the Mediterranean. Beyond developing itself in sectoral ways, the Alliance would therefore seek a stronger impact on key initiatives and strategies of interest, as well as on cooperation programmes of relevance. Further information will be shared on this matter over the coming months.

For more information on how to become a supporter for the Alliance, please contact: elodie.nunes@crpm.org