CohesionThe CPMR held an initial discussion on the post-2020 Cohesion Policy on the occasion of its General Assembly meeting on 5-6 November. The meeting addressed questions raised by Regional Policy Commissioner Cretu in a speech delivered on 28 August which touched on the very foundations of the policy.

The CPMR recalled its key messages on Cohesion Policy in a technical paper, such as the need for the policy to cover all European regions and for the territorial focus of the policy to remain a priority.

During the discussions, CPMR delegates underlined that Cohesion Policy needs the support of regions to function effectively and highlighted the need for Cohesion Policy in both “advanced” and “lagging” regions in order to better stimulate growth and jobs.

CPMR Members also raised the need for the ongoing efforts to simplify the policy (via the recently set up High Level Group on Simplification) to focus both on beneficiaries and managing authorities.