The CPMR joins the celebration of the inclusion of the territorial cohesion principle in the Lisbon Treaty 10 years ago. At the time, the Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions (CPMR) submitted ambitious proposals founded on the embodiment of this dimension and a renewed governance with regions at the heart of the European project. Today, a reinforced CPMR represents 200 million EU citizens, and keeps striving for an accessible, sustainable and consolidated European territory.

With the aim of including the territorial dimension of the European Union in the EU legal framework, the CPMR carried extensive work within the Convention on the Future of Europe (2001-2003). Vasco Cordeiro, CPMR President, said: “Ten years ago, the CPMR achieved the inclusion of territorial cohesion in the objectives of the European Union. Today, we should focus on how we can maintain and reinforce the responsibility and the achievements of the EU already has on social and territorial cohesion.”

The CPMR, representing more than 150 regions of diverse nature, actively strives to ensure that European policies are designed to consider the diversity of territories, both for developing their potential and addressing their specific needs. The EU must be bold in reasserting Cohesion Policy as its main investment policy, ambitious enough to accomplish a green, carbon-free, connected and socially just Europe fit for the digital age.

CPMR member regions stand for a strong and inclusive Europe “Regions are essential partners of the European Union, and their involvement is fundamental for delivering EU policy on the ground” said Secretary General Eleni Marianou “To strengthen the joint development of the European Union, EU policies and priorities need to be delivered with a meaningful involvement of regions” she added.

In order to develop this Treaty principle, the CPMR strongly reiterates the importance that the outcome of the ongoing Multiannual Financial Framework negotiations stands for an ambitious budget that reinforces Cohesion Policy as one of the main pillars of the European project and ensures that EU funding matches the real needs and priorities of EU citizens, leveraging territorial cohesion. The CPMR underlines that other funds have a key role in delivering territorial cohesion in Europe. These Programmes, such as the CEF, should remain accordingly funded too.