Member Regions of the Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions (CPMR) belonging to Member States that are supporting a smaller EU budget for the 2021-2027 financial framework (MFF), have jointly reacted to the draft negotiating box presented by European Council President Charles Michel.

The CPMR regions of Bremen (DE), Flevoland (NL), Gotland (SE), Jämtland Härjedalen (SE), Norrbotten (SE), Noord Nederland (NL), Noord-Holland (NL), Zeeland (NL), Zuid-Holland (NL), Västerbotten (SE) are concerned about the severe cuts to Cohesion Policy maintained in the Michel’s proposal and call on EU leaders to reconsider their position.

Supported by an in depth analysis carried out by the CPMR secretariat, these CPMR members ask EU leaders to avoid a scenario where regions in several net contributing countries would suffer considerable cuts, increased by the proposed introduction of a cap on richer Member States cohesion allocations and the 20% reduction of the envelope for more developed regions compared to the Commission proposal.

Cees Loggen, Regional Minister of Noord-Holland and CPMR Vice President for Climate and Energy, explained: “Regions rely on Cohesion Policy funds to invest in the green transition, innovation and growth. Only with adequate financial means we will effectively achieve a competitive carbon neutral economy”.

In the statement, released ahead of the extraordinary European Council taking place in Brussels today, signatory regions point out the instrumental role of Cohesion policy to tackle inequalities, build capacity for innovation and boost competitiveness across all areas of Europe. Finally, regions urge the EU council to strike an agreement as quickly as possible in order to limit the consequences for regional and local that a delay in Cohesion policy 2021-2027 programmes would cause.