The Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions (CPMR) met in Palermo (Sicily) for its 47th General Assembly on 17-18 October 2019, where CPMR member regions voted unanimously the adoption of a forward-looking Manifesto addressing key messages to the newly elected European institutions. The CPMR Manifesto stands for a reformed European project where territories matter.

Following the European elections, and with the new European Commission about to start its mandate, the CPMR has adopted a Manifesto, which makes a strong point for cooperation and solidarity between peoples and territories: “We have many challenges ahead, but we should not forget that solidarity among regions, institutions and member states is the cement that keeps us togetherCPMR’s President Vasco Cordeiro said. The CPMR calls on the EU institutions to show real ambition on European Territorial Cooperation, with a particular focus on cooperation mechanisms with UK regions in the context of Brexit.

The CPMR aspires to a European Union that enables Regions to provide democratic legitimacy to the European project, and one that relies on Regions to reach the objectives of a long-term strategy striving for a balanced territorial development. If the European Union wants to be a global actor and reaffirm its leadership face to current worldwide challenges, the European project needs to be supported by a consistent EU budget.

This long-term strategic document aim is to address the aspirations and priorities of the CPMRexplains Eleni Marianou, Secretary GeneralWe want to address the new Parliament and the new European Commission, and make sure that we can build on what regions have achieved over years of existence in cohesion, accessibility, migration, integration, poverty, climate change and the role of regions”.

Regions are highly strategic actors to deliver on the priorities of the European Union, such as achieving carbon neutrality or ensuring that European policies reach citizens from all corners of Europe. The CPMR encourages EU institutions to strengthen partnerships with regional authorities and to reassert Cohesion Policy as the main investment policy for accomplishing a green and socially just Europe.

Read “A Manifesto from the CPMR: Regions at the heart of a reformed European Union” here.