The Interreg MED Program recently published the final evaluation results for the hundreds of modular and horizontal projects submitted at the end of 2015.

IMCThe CPMR’s InterMediterranean Commission, together with its regions and partners, achieved an excellent result: four projects were selected (2 modular projects, 2 horizontal ones).

As a result, in line with its strategic priorities and its working groups, the IMC-CPMR will be supporting the implementation of the following projects linked to several Specific Objectives (S.O.) of the Program:

Two other modular projects on coastal and maritime tourism (S.O. 3.1) – in which the IMC-CPMR is a full partner—are still under evaluation: MITOMED+ and Marine Villages. They already passed the first quality evaluation phase and the results for the second phase should be known soon.

Last but not least, two other horizontal projects, in which the IMC is involved as external associate, have also been selected: GO-SUMP (S.O. 2.3) and BleuTourMed_C3 (S.O. 3.1), both led by partner networks.

It is worth noting that the IMC is involved with with a large number of member regions and external stakeholders in these projects, with a total envelope of about 15 million euros.

This wide ranging works will be of key value to Mediterranean Regions’ strategies regarding Blue growth, the environment and protected areas, sustainable and maritime tourism, ICZM, and efficiency energy, among other themes.

The projects will also produce useful outputs and tools that will be used and develop by the IMC within its own network and in all available fora at Euro-Mediterranean level.

For example, the IMC will be able to use thses actions to add value to the discussions being held by the Union for the Mediterranean regarding the implementation of the ministerial Declaration on the blue economy, forthcoming initiatives for the West Med, or debates regarding existing macro-regional strategies like the EUSAIR.