bandeau ConférenceJust one day before the CPMR Political Bureau that will be held in Harleem (NL) on 19 February 2016, Cees Loggen, Regional Minister of the Province of Noord-Holland will open the work of the “High Level Conference: Obstacles to investment and access to finance in Europe for the maritime economy: what role for European regions?”

The aim of this high-level conference is to present concrete examples of how regional and local authorities in Europe stimulate economic development linked to the maritime economy thanks to support provided by the European Union.

This conference will cover the extent to which European programmes and instruments, in particular financial instruments, bring undisputed added value to the blue economy and regional development. It will also examine the practical roles that regional authorities play in terms of stimulating job creation and growth.

One and a half years from the start of the term of the Juncker Commission, the conference will also kick-start a discussion about the need for a long-term approach for investment at territorial level.

For the European Parliament, Lambert van Nistelrooij, Coordinator of the EPP Group for the REGI Committee, has already confirmed his participation in the event.