The second Steering Committee of the AI-NURECC initiative was held at the 3rd EUSAIR Forum in Catania on 24-25 May. The initiative’s final grant agreement was agreed and will be signed shortly by DG REGIO.

The meeting was attended by Joanna Mouliou, from the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Regional and Urban Policy (DG REGIO), and external observers from the Croatian Chamber of Economy, Split County, and Region Marche.

CPMR Secretary General, Eleni Marianou, provided an update on the content of the joint CPMR and Friends of EUSAIR meeting, held in the European Parliament on 17 May.

She stressed that it was important for the AI-NURECC to continue to collaborate with the Parliament because it can help with the development of initiative and enable partners to have access MEPs, particularly in relation to the upcoming EU regulation on territorial cooperation.

Forum AIC updated participants on the workshop it is holding on 27 June on sustainable tourism, focusing on the cruise industry, services and facilities. The workshop will target relevant AI stakeholders and actors active in this thematic field.

AIE provided an update on its information day targeted young people, taking place in Campobasso, Italy, in July.

The First EUSAIR Summer School will be held on 16-23 September in Ancona, Italy and is being organised by UNIADRION. The main topics are migration and security. A UNIADRION representative explained that the summer school will involve students in social sciences and professionals who come from countries in the Balkan area. It will be organised with the collaboration of Bologna University.

Finally, FORUM AIC explained that it is holding it s1st training Workshop on Artistic Entrepreneurship in Split (HR). A representative from Croatia confirmed that it will be held on 17 October and will focus on tourism. During the event, an agreement will be signed with the Black sea Universities.

Regarding the events organised by the CPMR in Albania and Serbia, the CRPM will provide more information at the next meeting of the Steering Committee.