The CPMR welcomes the commitment of the European Commission to an ambitious climate agenda by integrating climate across EU policies and involving all levels of governments as part of the European Green Deal.  However, such ambition should not lead to a diversion of funding; it must add on to the objectives and resources of cohesion policy in order to fully tackle the challenges of the green transition.

Vasco Cordeiro, CPMR President, said: “We welcome the proposed mobilisation of fresh resources to support the new fund, but this cannot justify further cuts in the cohesion policy envelope in the context of the MFF 2021-2027 negotiations. Preserving an ambitious EU budget and a strong budget for cohesion policy must remain the main priority to support climate action at territorial level”.

The CPMR welcomes the territorial dimension of the Just Transition Mechanism and its implementation through shared management. The CPMR deems crucial that the authorities of the concerned territories are entrusted with a leading role in both the programming and management of resources of the JTF.

Given the lack of regional earmarking in the JTF proposal, the CPMR asks the European Commission to pay specific attention to the distribution of funds at subnational level, ensuring a territorially balanced distribution.

Lastly, the CPMR calls on the European Commission to ensure that the roll-out of the JTF does not generate additional bureaucracy, complicating the ongoing negotiations of cohesion policy regulations and programmes, and causing delays in the deployment of the programming period 2021-2027.