17-18 October 2019. Reunited in Palermo at the occasion of the Intermediterranean Commission’s plenary in the framework of the General Assembly of the Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions, the members of the Intermediterranean Commission have ratified a political declaration on Social and Solidarity economy.

Fruit of an extensive work  taking stock of Mediterranean experiences and legislation regarding Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE), this Declaration aims to support the institutionalisation of SSE in the Mediterranean and in a broader perspective over Europe.

Indeed, some of the key highlighted points are the ubiquity of SSE practices over the basin. And yet, this type of economy lacks a common framework to capitalise, transfer and align its experiences to tackle common challenges and contribute to an alternative and sustainable way of working and consuming.

In this sense, the Regions of the Intermediterranean Commission (IMC) have contributed, under the coordination of the Occitanie Region and the IMC Secretariat, to the “Joint Declaration for a Social and solidarity-based Mediterranean.” The Declaration, ratified in Palermo, has become the angular stone to build the works on SSE over the coming months, and will promoted accordingly.

For more information, please contact: elodie.nunes@crpm.org