The contribution of the Intermediterranean Commission (IMC) towards the ongoing debates on the future of the European Union, cohesion and the multilevel cooperation at Mediterranean level will be at the heart of upcoming discussions.

The Intermediterranean Commission’s (IMC) Annual General Meeting will take place in Naples (Campania), Italy, on 6-7 July. It will gather members of the IMC, together with key partner Institutions and external stakeholders, including the partners of PANORAMED’s (Interreg MED Axis 4 project on Governance).

The first day will be dedicated to side events, with internal issues and meetings of some of the IMC working groups. The ‘Economic and Social Cohesion’ Working Group will meet in the morning. Members of the “Sustainable and Cultural Tourism” Task Force will discuss the progress of the Task Force as well as ongoing and future initiatives and projects related to sustainable tourism.

The ‘Integrated Maritime Policy and Transport’ Working Group will meet in the afternoon. It will focus on the new IMC Task Force on the “Follow up at regional level of the UfM Blue Economy Agenda” and on the progress of the Bologna Charter’s Joint Action Plan process.

The second day will be an international seminar open to representatives of key partner Institutions and external stakeholders, addressing the most pressing challenges for the Mediterranean. It will be divided into three thematic session addressing cohesion, neighbourhood, migration and youth, as well as the emerging strategies & initiatives and the main cooperation programmes in the area towards a better governance.

Speakers will include politicians from the Mediterranean regions, representatives from the European Commission (i.e. DG MARE), cooperation programmes (Interreg ADRION, ENI CBC MED, Interreg MED), the BLUEMED initiative, as well as networks of universities and local authorities (UNIMED, MedCities, etc.) and other experts.

Vasco Cordeiro, President of the CPMR and the Government of the Autonomous Region of the Azores, will outline the CPMR reflection on the future of the European Union.

The IMC 2017 Final Declaration (Campania 2017) will be adopted by the members during the second day.

Visit the IMC’s website for more information about the meeting, including the agenda and practical information.