EUSAIR-logoIvan Jakovčić (ALDE, HR) is the European Parliament’s Rapporteur on the EU strategy for the Adriatic and Ionian region. The report aims to promote sustainable economic and social prosperity in the region and to harmonise development policies and strategies by creating greater synergies among countries involved in the strategy.

The CPMR is active on this topic through a Task Force which brings together Members from the Intermediterranean and Balkan and Black Sea Commissions.

The EUSAIR strategy will only work if it involves Regional Authorities. Indeed, the CPMR encourages the Commission and the participating countries to ensure a balanced system of governance of the strategy and the action plan, with Regional Authorities being fully involved in the strategic orientations and their implementation, at EUSAIR level, and in each of the priority pillars. In particular, especially in countries with a low level of decentralisation, the EUSAIR strategy may help to strengthen their capacity for acting at transnational level.

The EUSAIR needs to shorten the distance from the Western Mediterranean to the Western Balkans. Therefore the CPMR has, for many years, been stressing the importance of improving transport – including shipping – among participating countries as well as between them and their other neighbours. More specifically, the CPMR is asking MEP Jakovčić for the corridors of the Connecting Europe Facility serving the EUSAIR area to pay specific attention to the need for better connectivity. This connectivity should also focus on maritime transport routes and ports with other parts of Europe and the relevance of interconnections with TEN-T corridors.

Regarding tourism, according to the CPMR, developing an Adriatic-Ionian Sea Food Route could play a significant role both in the development of tourism and fisheries/aquaculture, but on the other hand reliable data is also essential to support its development in order to monitor and measure sustainable tourism performances.