The Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions is developing detailed proposals on post-2020 Cohesion policy with support from a number of CPMR regions.

The CPMR secretariat has been working with five CPMR members in the development of concrete proposals on key issues for the future of Cohesion policy.

Mecklenbug-Vorpommern, Västra Götaland, Provence-Alpes-Cote d’Azur, Emilia-Romagna Region and Noord Holland and Friesland have been working with the CPMR secretariat to help coordinate views from other CPMR Regions to develop these initial proposals on post-2020.

The CPMR is looking at identifying the right focus for financial instruments in Cohesion policy, simplifying the policy and improving the role of regions in the governance on the policy.

Furthermore, the CPMR is also working at identifying the right relationship between Cohesion and the European semester and ensuring that the specific challenges of island, outermost and northern sparsely populated regions are addressed.

This work is based on the position adopted by CPMR regions at the last General Assembly in the Azores on the principles for Cohesion policy for post-2020.

CPMR regions will adopt a policy position with specific proposals on the future of Cohesion policy at the CPMR June Political Bureau in Rogaland (Norway).

The policy position will be presented at the Cohesion Forum in Brussels on 26-27 June 2017.