On 20 January 2020 the CPMR BSC Executive Committee met in Oulu (FI).

Tytti Tuppurainen attended a special side event of the meeting. Minister Tuppurainen was appointed Minister for European Affairs in early summer 2019. During the Finnish EU Presidency, she led talks with Member States over its budget for the years 2021-2027. She opened the meeting saying that she shares the Baltic Sea Commission’s view that regions have a pivotal and important role to play in the European Cooperation.

In her speech Minister Tuppurainen gave an overview of the Finnish EU Presidency and touched upon specific issues regarding the Baltic Sea and the Arctic. The Finnish EU Presidency created excellent contacts with the new European Commission and the new European Parliament Representatives from Podladskie, Stockholm, Ostrobothnia and the Baltic Sea Working Groups contributed to the discussions which mainly focused on the Green Deal, the Just Transition Mechanism, Accessibility and a shift towards more sustainable transport.

During the Executive Committee in Oulu, there was a vivid discussion on how best to ensure a regional political involvement in defining the Green Deal’s instruments and policies. This is a discussion that the Executive Committee foresees all its Working Groups to further develop during the spring.