The Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions (CPMR) and its Islands Commission (IC) have signed an important Memorandum of Understanding with the Observatory on Tourism for Islands Economy (OTIE) to enhance the analysis and promotion of sustainable tourism on European islands.

This Memorandum was signed during the Islands Commission’s General Assembly in Corfu, 21-22 March, between the CPMR Secretary General Eleni Marianou, the IC President Gilles Simeoni and OTIE President Giovanni Ruggieri.

This unique cooperation will focus on issues related to islands and development of sustainable tourism and will entail research and analytic studies, exchanges of data and relevant information, project-based cooperation, joint dissemination and lobbying efforts.

The CPMR, its Islands Commission and OTIE are therefore committed to bring together key actors from the sector of sustainable tourism in islands and will jointly organise workshops, working groups of experts and collaborations with the business community.

As European islands face significant challenges related to tourism, such as over-tourism, high seasonality and resources management, this new partnership is expected to better support tourism management and policy-making in islands from the Mediterranean, across Europe and beyond.

Notes for editors:

About OTIE

The Observatory on tourism for Islands Economy (OTIE) is the first observatory with the specific focus on island tourism and development and its main purpose is to draw up statistics surveys and realize researches in order to identify the current issues of Tourism in Islands. OTIE activities are all focused on updating the Databank on Insular Tourism, creating the Documentation Centre of the Islands, achieving studies and researches, organizing forums and seminars, and participating to the European projects of cooperation and social economic development. OTIE provides its support to the insular realities to devise strategic, operative and marketing plans on tourism by taking advantage of its wide network of contacts and a steady updated benchmark on insular tourism.

About the CPMR Islands Commission

The CPMR’s Islands Commission (IC) brings together twenty-one islands from 11 Countries located in the Mediterranean, North Sea, Baltic Sea and the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific Oceans. These regions represent a total population of around 15 million. It urges the European Institutions and Member States to pay special attention to the islands, to acknowledge the permanent handicaps resulting from their insularity, and to implement policies that are best suited to their condition as laid down in Article 174 of the Lisbon Treaty.