The European Commission has answered an official question from MEPS Alfred Sant, Mercedes Bresso, Tonino Picula and Andrea Cozzolino related to the regional data used to calculate Member States’ share of the maritime cooperation sub-component of European Territorial Cooperation for the 2021-2027 period (Component 2B).

The MEPs’ question relates to recent analysis published by the CPMR on maritime cooperation for post-2020, which revealed that the way funding for Component 2B is calculated excludes over half of maritime regions.

The answer from the European Commission confirms that only NUTS 3 maritime regions which have a border coastline with (an) overseas neighbouring territory(ies) located at maximum 150km from the coast are taken into account for the purpose of calculating Member States’ shares.

The 150k limit is not mentioned in the proposal for the post-2020 European Territorial Cooperation.

In its analysis, the CPMR had also asked the co-legislators to ensure that the allocation methodology to calculate Member States’s shares for European Territorial Cooperation to reflect the likely change to the architecture of European Territorial Cooperation for post-2020, which allows for maritime cross-border cooperation programmes.

The CPMR will continue to monitor negotiations on European Territorial Cooperation in the coming months.