F1000054How can MoS be adapted to regional characteristics? The CPMR has supported the Motorways of the Sea concept since it was launched in 2001 and then integrated into the TEN-T. It is now a key instrument of EU maritime transport policy under the TEN-T and Connecting Europe Facility.

By March 2016 the European Commission, at the request of Parliament, is due to submit a detailed plan for implementing the MoS. The CPMR wishes to assist the Commission in preparing this plan and foresee the necessary provisions to make sure that when implemented, the MoS take on board the specific territorial characteristics of the different EU maritime areas, including peripherality, insularity, sea basins shared with third countries, integration within the 9 CEF corridors, etc.

In order to feed into the positions that it will be addressing to the European Commission and Parliament on this key issue for the maritime Regions, the CPMR is launching an enquiry.

The results will be unveiled on 6 November in Florence during the session on accessibility at the CPMR General Assembly and debated on this occasion with representatives of the EU institutions. The deadline for replies is 25 October.