The CPMR’s Transport working group met in Brussels on 24 September to continue its work on influencing the review of the Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T) Regulation and to set its ambition for EU transport policy. 

The meeting was opened by the Transport Working Group Chair Bruno Oliver (Fundación Transpirenaica, Aragón) that presented the CPMR working priorities in transport. The discussion at the Working Group focused on:


The discussion revolved around the CPMR contribution to the TEN-T public consultation, which was approved by the CPMR Political Bureau in Donegal (June 2019). In its contribution the CPMR calls for a greater focus on territorial accessibility and measures to counter climate change. It also asks to give to the Motorways of the Sea the same importance as the nine corridors of the core-network have, and to create new criteria to better consider the strategic importance of ports.

Sustainable and Innovative Transport

The CPMR will organise a Seminar in the second half of 2020 on sustainable and innovative transport based on the best practices of its Members. The Azores, Norrbotten, Nouvelle-Aquitaine, Sardinia and Västerbotten regions presented EU funded projects for sustainable and innovative transport solutions. The session clearly showed the great role regions can have to ensure connectivity to the territories, whilst aiming at a greener transport.

CPMR Policy Position on Transport – Towards a climate neutral transport for all in 2050, at the latest

The CPMR will present a Policy Position on Transport at its 2019 General Assembly on 17-18 October in Palermo (Sicily). A draft of the Policy Position, which aims at presenting the CPMR views on the European Union transport policy for the next year, was debated by the Member Regions. The debate, enriched by the comments and suggestion of the attendees, fine-tuned the draft Policy Position.


The Working Group welcomed Eliška Mamdaniová from the Directorate-General for Competition of the European Commission. She delivered a presentation on State Aid rules to airports and airlines and on Public Service Obligations (PSOs) that will nourish the preparation of the CPMR Aviation seminar, which will be held on 18 March 2020 in Cornwall.

All presentations from the Transport Working Group can be found here