How islands can be made more accessible though EU or National policies is the main issue that CPMR island regions will debate in a seminar on 17 October in Palma (Mallorca), Spain.

The seminar ‘Transport and Insularity: Constraints and Perspectives’ will allow representatives of island regions from all over Europe to debate and exchange views on maritime and air transport policies with representatives of the EU institutions, experts and stakeholders.

cathedralIn particular, the seminar will deal with the placing of insular ports in the Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T) policy and funding through the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF), the Motorways of the Sea (MoS) concept and its reach out to island and outermost regions, the EU Aviation Strategy and State Aids.

CPMR island regions are particularly sensitive to accessibility and connectivity issues, as they often depend on high cost air transportation. In addition, maritime transportation is usually much more costly than terrestrial, and thus islands are more expensive to reach.

The extra cost of transport, also affected by seasonality, has an impact on islands’ competitiveness, as well as on the ease of residents to travel. Compensation mechanisms are often needed to support the maritime and air transport services offered to island regions.

The seminar, co-organised by the CPMR Islands Commission together with the Balearic Islands Government, is an opportunity for the Islands Commission to remind its position and argue for the principle of accessibility and for more island-friendly EU transport policies.

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