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The CPMR is closely monitoring EU plans for the development of an indicator that could strengthen air connectivity, particularly in Europe’s peripheral regions.

Dr David Marsh, Head of the Forecast & Network Intelligence Unit in European inter-governmental organisation EUROCONTROL (European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation), will attend the next meeting of the CPMR’s Transport Working Group on 28 November. During the meeting, he will present an update on his organisation’s work to in this area.

The European Parliament has asked the European Commission to develop an EU indicator for connectivity, based on EUROCONTROL’s work. This is an important initiative because it is likely that such an indicator would be used in EU air transport policy, for example as a criterion for public funding.

On 21 September, EUROCONTROL delivered its first results in Tallinn, Estonia, in front of Transport Ministers from Member States. During this meeting, Ministers discussed the means and possible measures to be adopted for strengthening air connectivity.

The CPMR will share the results and discussions from this high-profile EU gathering at the transport group meeting, as well as gaining the input of Dr Marsh.

This is opportunity for the CPMR to develop its expertise on a sensitive part of the EU Aviation Strategy, particularly in relation to accessibility concerns.