Brian Simpson, European Coordinator of the Motorways of the Sea (MoS), will present an update on MoS policy at a Forum in Brussels on 16 June.

This event, which takes place on 16 June in Brussels, aims to prepare a revision of the Detailed Implementation Plan (DIP) published by the Commission in June 2016, with a view to introducing a ‘political’ dimension in the DIP.

At the forum, the CPMR has been invited to present its position on this important issue, agreed at its Political Bureau in March.


Transport Director, Patrick Anvroin, will present the CPMR’s ideas and proposals. They are summarised in a letter from Vasco Cordeiro, President of the CPMR, to Commissioner Violeta Bulc.

In particular, they address the following issues:

  • The need for a review of the co-funding rate for actions to support MoS in the post-2020 Connecting Europe Facility regulation;
  • The need for a genuine instrument to support the demand for maritime services, in order to encourage modal shift and contribute to EU’s climate objectives;
  • The introduction of a territorial pillar in the DIP for a better balanced coverage of all sea basins, with specific consideration of the outermost regions, islands and the Arctic area and enabling extension of the MoS to ports outside the EU.

Against this background, the CPMR considers that the forthcoming CEF calls for proposals on MoS issued between now and the end of the current programming period (before 2020) should:

  • include provisions to ensure islands and peripheries are prioritised, for example by means of specific calls for projects that include this eligibility criterion;
  • be based on an amended interpretation of Article 21 of the TEN-T that would make links eligible between two ports of the comprehensive network as well as between an EU and a non-EU port.