The CPMR recently took part in a high-profile EU conference to consider how to help improve regional air connectivity in order to boost economic growth. 

The conference ‘Improving the Regional Air Connectivity for Europe: A Precondition for Sustainable Economic Growth’, held on 23 March, was organised by the European Economic and Social Committee, together with the Committee of Regions and the Maltese Presidency of the EU. 

As the CPMR is currently developing its reflection on air transport, the conference offered the opportunity to address the key factors involved and debate potential solutions for improving regional air connectivity in a sustainable manner.

The conference brought together leading representatives of institutions and organisations that can help the EU aviation increase competitiveness and create economic growth at European, national and regional level.

The panellists focused on regional connectivity in the context of the implementation of the Aviation Strategy for Europe and attempted to identify the challenges and opportunities in achieving better and more sustainable connectivity between regions across the continent.

The aviation sector plays a key role in promoting economic growth and regional connectivity is an indispensable element for the mobility of people and businesses within the EU.

In major hub airports connectivity is usually mainly dependent on increasing capacity, but further development of regional connectivity in the EU depends on several factors such as airport infrastructure, airline business models, regulatory and economic frameworks and geography. 

View presentations from the conference.