CorridorsFurther to the participation of CPMR Regions in the TEN-T Corridor Forums, the Secretary General Eleni Marianou sent a letter to Olivier Onidi, Director of the Directorate-General for Mobility and Transport of the European Commission, pointing out that there was some inconsistency in the way sea links were taken into account in the forums, from one corridor to another.

It was also recalled in the letter that the CPMR – in partnership with the Coordinator of the Motorways of the Sea, Brian Simpson – will be organising a special seminar next autumn focusing on the ‘regional aspects’ of the MoS and will address how maritime transport will contribute to the corridors.

In his reply, Olivier Onidi recalled that the CPMR is a “key stakeholder” in the consultation processes of these forums and that the Regions will be invited to take part in the next Corridor Forum meetings as of September 2015.