The CPMR, as a key partner of the Civitas-Destinations project, organised a Sustainable Mobility session during the EU’s Week of Regions and Cities, on 9 October 2019 in Brussels at the Committee of the Regions. The event focused on Innovative Mobility Solutions to promote a Greener and Smarter Europe and covered 4 thematic areas:

Integrated Tourism and Mobility Planning
Tourism and mobility are addressed at the local and regional levels separately. However, integration within different levels is a key factor to improve the quality of life for residents and tourists alike.

Business Cases and Commercial Strategies for Mobility and Tourism
Mobility and tourism must be approached with a unique and specific commercial strategy to grant financial sustainability of sustainable mobility systems in small to medium-size cities and regions.

Information and Communication Technologies as an Integrated Tool
New and integrated communication and information technologies are a key issue to address tourists and residents and to attract more users to Public Transport and other sustainable mobility modes.

Green Vehicles
Green vehicles and mobility infrastructures are the key tools to address the future challenges of sustainable mobility as they represent an essential factor to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, noise, and pollution in our cities and regions.

A panel of mobility and tourism experts representing the CIVITAS IA projects, DESTINATIONS, PORTIS and ECCENTRIC then participated in an interactive roundtable. These open discussions, also involving the audience with more than 140 participants, in helped to compile a set of conclusions and recommendations to EU policy makers on how to best strengthen policy tools to enhance the penetration of innovative sustainable mobility solutions across Europe.