PR CPMR PB_Kotka_17062016One of the CPMR’s priorities on transport is the promotion of Motorways of the Sea. On 19 May, the European MoS Coordinator, Brian Simpson, came to talk with the Regions at a meeting of the CPMR Transport Working Group in Brussels.

In the Detailed Implementation Plan (DIP) Mr Simpson is preparing, the Regions asked the coordinator to include specific provisions to ensure that this European programme benefits the peripheral and island regions.

In practical terms, the CPMR will suggest to include an accessibility-related criterion as one of the “key performance indicators” that the Coordinator will propose for the purposes of selecting MoS projects under the CEF (Connecting Europe Facility) call. After presenting a draft DIP on 22 June in Rotterdam, the coordinator will organise a year-long consultation in which the Regions and the Geographical Commissions are invited to take part.

These issues were discussed at the CPMR Political Bureau on 17 June in Kotka. In addition to the MoS, on this occasion the CPMR prepared its action plan to convince the European Parliament to closely monitor the implementation of the CEF.

In the presence of Ms Virkkunen, Finnish MEP, the Regions called for a thorough assessment of the results of the first calls for CEF projects: how have peripheral regions benefited from the allocated budgets, when over 93% of funds were dedicated to projects located on 9 priority corridors?

A written statement of the European Parliament on how TEN-T contributes towards accessibility is being prepared, in order to support these concerns and expectations (Draft written declaration from the EP on “The Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T) needs to support regional accessibility” ). A policy position will be taken on this issue on 3 November at the CPMR General Assembly in the Azores.