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The Seas and Oceans: A key issue for the future of the European Union EN   FR   IT   ES  
Final Declaration – GA Azores 2016 EN   IT   FR   ES   GR  
The maritime dimension in smart specialisation strategies: Results and key messages FR   EN  
CPMR Maritime Agenda 2016-2017 FR   EN  
CPMR Activity Report 2015-2016 – GA Azores 2016 FR   EN   IT   ES   GR  
Leadership 2020- Towards a strong maritime industrial policy! IT   ES   FR   EN  
Methodology for mapping the maritime dimension of regional smart specialisation strategies FR   EN  
Maritime Investments: overview of the CPMR’s action EN   FR  
Improving education, mobility and vocational training in maritime sectors – What next for Vasco Da Gama? EN   FR  
Maritime Safety and Ecological Damage: Current CPMR Initiatives EN   FR  
CPMR Final Declaration – General Assembly, Florence 2015 EN   FR   IT   ES   GR  
Blue growth and smart specialisation strategies EN   FR  
CPMR Activity Report 2014-2015 AR   TR   EN   FR   ES   IT   GR  
CPMR Maritime Agenda 2015-2016 EN   FR  
CPMR Contribution to the European Commission Consultation on International Maritime Governance EN   FR  
CPMR Activity Report – General Assembly, Västerbotten 2014 FR   EN   IT   ES   GR  
CPMR Final Declaration/Statement – General Assembly, Västerbotten 2014 EN   FR   IT   ES  
CPMR Final Declaration – GA Saint-Malo 2013 FR   EN   IT   ES   GR  
CPMR Activity Report – GA Saint-Malo 2013 FR   EN   ES   IT   GR