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CPMR Position on EU Strategies with a Macro-Regional Dimension EN   FR   IT   ES  
The future of the EU Budget: Issues at stake for the CPMR EN   FR  
Update on CPMR work on post-2020 Cohesion Policy EN   FR  
CPMR’s proposed approach to the Future of Europe EN   FR   ES   IT  
CPMR response to the Commission’s second consultation relating to the provisions to simplify the implementation of unproblematic state aid for ports and airports FR   EN  
CPMR-DG REGIO Conference: The role of Cohesion Policy delivering EU priorities – Report (13-10-2016, Brussels) EN  
CPMR discussion on post-2020 Cohesion Policy at the European Parliament EN  
Final Declaration – GA Azores 2016 EN   IT   FR   ES   GR  
Scoping paper from the CPMR General Secretariat: Future EU reform FR   EN  
CPMR Study: The territorial dimension of Cohesion Policy financial instruments FR   EN  
Summary of key findings of the CPMR study “The territorial dimension of Cohesion Policy financial instruments” FR   EN  
Principles for Cohesion Policy for the post-2020 period EN   FR   IT   ES  
CPMR Activity Report 2015-2016 – GA Azores 2016 FR   EN   IT   ES   GR  
Minutes CPMR Macro-Regions Task Force 2-11-2016 EN  
Presentation Macro-Regional Task Force 2-11-2016 EN  
Calendar Cohesion/Budget EN  
EU Budget Focused on Results Conference – Summary EN  
Minutes (Cohesion Core Group, 20-09-2016, Brussels) EN  
Declaration of Lower-Austria on Cohesion Policy EN  
Post-2020 Cohesion Policy reform: trends, pressures and opportunities EN   FR