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CPMR background paper – Mapping out a EU budget for post-2020 EN  
Scenarios of European Commission on EU Budget EN  
CPMR forecast of Structural Funds eligibility EN  
CPMR analysis: Projection of Cohesion Policy eligibility EN  
A new turn for Cohesion Policy? The elusive link with the European Semester FR   EN  
CPMR vision for a post-2020 EU Budget FR   EN   IT   ES  
Options for a ‘Cohesion-friendly’ link between ESI funds and the EU Semester EN  
CPMR analysis: Fact-checking the consultation on ‘EU funds in the area of Cohesion’ EN  
Open Letter to the European Commission: ‘A modernised Cohesion Policy at the heart of a strengthened European Union’ EN  
Potential budgetary cuts for Cohesion Policy – an analysis from the CPMR EN  
Final Declaration – CPMR General Assembly – Helsinki (FI) 2017 EN   FR   IT   ES   EL  
A future for Cohesion Policy? Avenues for reform EN   FR  
Which future EU budget to fit with EU priorities? FR   EN  
CPMR Activity Report 2016/2017 EN   FR   IT   ES   EL  
CPMR analysis of the European Commission reflection paper on the Future of EU Finances EN  
CPMR projection of Cohesion Policy eligibility EN  
2014 – 2020 Structural Funds eligibility-Comparison of reference periods EN  
CPMR Study: The European Social Fund 2014-2020 & the Youth Employment Initiative – the experience of CPMR Member Regions EN  
CPMR Briefing note: Does the EFSI have a territorial dimension? EN  
Future of Europe: Update report FR   EN